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Yeast infections while pregnant are both typical AND an annoyance. There are several secure medicines on the marketplace to help combat yeast in addition to numerous over-the-counter choices offered, nonetheless if you are seeking a couple of even more natural treatment options than you have actually concerned the best area! In today's Midwife Monday Video clip, Midwife Kira will certainly talk about three simple at-home yeast infection therapies that are secure as well as efficient.

As always, please seek advice from your doctor as your initial line of recommendations and also therapy for any problems you have during your pregnancy. My advice is advise just for low-risk maternities as well as ought to by no means fill in asking your doctor!

Here are a few CajunStork Recommendations:

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Colloidal Silver:
Colloidal Silver Gel:

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  1. Does the collidal silver work for BV? If Metrogel antibiotic doesn’t fully resolve symptoms. Thanks.

  2. I never get yeast infections until im pregnant and then i get them often. So annoying. Im almost 2 months pregnant and already have one. I try to eat healthy and stay hydrated and take prenatals and probiotics but i ALWAYS get them and im not sure how to lower my ability to get them.

  3. I got a yeast infection after my cervical colposcopy and I’ve done 4 colposcopy before and that has never happen.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully it was just a coincidence.

  5. Hi! Thanks for sharing this information. Quick question, when you talk about sweets is it only sugar or can I still use maple syrup or agave and honey ?

  6. All sugar will feed yeast. Avoid it altogether.

  7. You may need to do at home glucose checks to ensure your sugar levels are staying within normal limits.

  8. What’s crazy is that I’m prone to yeast infections, but I don’t have them when I’m pregnant.

  9. Thank you for this video! I’ve always taken colloidal silver by adding it in my water, I’ve also dropped it in my eye for pink eye and works great! However, I’m pregnant now and I’m scared to take it in my water. If I’ve taken it in the past, what are your thoughts while pregnant?

    Also! I’ve taken oil of oregano, dropped it in a capsule and ingested it, that’s helped with any fungal infection – but again, scared to take oil of oregano now. Thoughts?

  10. I’m really conservative in pregnancy and wouldn’t recommend it by mouth at that time.

  11. Just what I was looking for. I’m not pregnant. I just like to explore remedies that are more natrual before trying to do medication. The coconut oil especially. I’ve seen it 15 minutes ago and now I’m on a deep dive haha

  12. Can i mix the coconut oil with some drops of tea three oil? I know that tea three oil its antifungal but is it safe to use during pregnancy?

  13. Even fruit sugar makes me itch! I ate 3 dates the other day and suddenly itch extremely bad down there. I’ve struggled with yeast infections since I was 6 and then developed histamine intolerance because it got so bad. Idk what to do anymore!

  14. Sounds like you need your blood sugars checked and a yeast detox. I can’t advise you on that but maybe find a naturopath near you!

  15. @Cajun Stork – Midwife Kira at Natural Birthhouse so it’s okay to go in your water correct? while pregnant that is

  16. Do you rinse out the silver afterwards with pure water or just use the silver undiluted ?

  17. I’m about 20 weeks with my first baby 🙏🏽🤍🥰 I have never had A yeast infection until 2 months ago I’m 27yo, they’ve been coming and going the medicine I’ve been prescribed doesn’t do much and now that I’m doing more research I’ve found that these medications are bad and harmful to the baby and it’s causing me major stress. It’s so painful and irritating and stressful 😭 thank you for sharing

  18. Hi. Just came across your Channel and I’ve been glued ever since. Thanks for sharing all this amazing tips. I’m 13 weeks pregnant and I’ve been battling with heavy growth of E. Coli, though I’ve used some medication but I know it’s still there, can I also use this coconut oil remedy. Thanks

  19. You have my maximum respect Dr igho, and I will never forget the day I come across your channel on youtube, you are my hero thank you for helping me your herbal medication that cured my infection completely, God bless you.

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