Why L-Citrulline Is Better than L-Arginine for Erectile Dysfunction

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59 thoughts on “Why L-Citrulline Is Better than L-Arginine for Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Hi Dr Chan, thank you for the video, it’s very informative. I have seen on other videos recommending to take a combination of them both. Is it advicable?

  2. Thanks for the nice comment. I believe I’ve seen combo formulations that have both of them in one capsule being sold.

  3. What are the thoughts about L-Citrulline and people with an eGFR around 58 +/- 2 over the last 3 years? I asked my personal physician and he had no clue nor any interest in anything other than prescribing the usual solutions.

  4. are you asking if it’s safe to take l-citrulline in someone who has a reduced renal function?

  5. @Dr. Robert Chan Yes sir that is indeed the question…is it OK to take l-citrulline if one has reduced renal function. Thank you.

  6. Great advice. I already take a combination supplement of L-Citurline and L-Aginine before heading to the gym. I do notice a difference, as I am able to lift a bit heavier (though not major difference).

  7. great video

    what is the maximum duration that you can keep taking arginine or citrulline?

    and can this raise serum creatinine or have bad effect on kidneys?

  8. Hey Doc thnx! I have never had ED issues but Raynaud’s my entire life. I bought some Kaged Muscle L-citrulline and it’s totally improved my Raynaud’s.. Even more than amlodipine did
    . And no side effects. I’ve heard taking l-arginine along with L-citrulline synergizes it. Any take on this? Thanks!

  9. Hello Dr. Could you please make a comparison between l arginine and slindnafil , particularly in peripheral blood supply

  10. I’ve been taking L-Arginine for a few weeks now along with my centrum multivitamin and I’ve been pooping a bit more frequently than usual it’s not a cause for concern as I do have healthy bowel movements but I have noticed the change!!…thanks for the breakdown Doc!!!🙏🏾💯

  11. Friend, which supplement do you think is best for better erections, I can only take one. Horny goat weed, Maca or Citrulline. I am 36 years old. thanks.

  12. Bro can u please tell me where I can order the l citrulline capsules ???? Been searching everywhere online that I know

  13. @Romario. H I believe GNC and Walmart sell them in pill form as well!! 👍💯

  14. @Benjamin Tribe thanks for replying bro, but im not American bro, so idk if that will be a problem, tbh I just want something that will help with blood flow and give me a harder erection, and I’ve seen a lot of people saying l citrulline does the trick, if the powder works as well I’ll buy it, I just want to know where I can buy the legit one … so if u can help me out by directing me as to where to order what u recommend I’ll be much grateful bro ..

  15. Just before going to bed, I`ve not overlooked to take this ED medication. The effect is definitely incredible just like I`ve gained my youth drive once again. I simply have to make fun to my wife several times. Getting focused on my every day job as a local plumber has also been enhanced by this treatment method. What they place in here works and I am happy its all natural alternatives.

  16. @John Smith yes I do the same and sometimes add a sprinkle of crack before hitting the strip on the weekends works well

  17. A few things I notice that may help is taking the combination of 10mg cialis with 1000mg l arginine, but also very important is to eat and drink healthier! When taking both pills you can drink concord grape juice or watermelon juice, eat whole grain foods like bread, eat a egg, pistachio or walnuts for a snack, and very important dark chocolate. All this combined has helped. Stay away from foods that contribute to ed like bacon, fried foods, sugary drinks.

  18. I am damaged from a surgeon during surgery to remove a stage 3b tumor and most of my rectum and 10 lymph nodes. The surgeon should have offered me the “wait and see” option since I had a complete response with chemo and radiation. The part of the surgery to remove the lymph nodes took away my ability to ejaculate. The rest caused major issues with erections. The surgeon could care less naturally. Still struggling as this has taken a toll on my marriage and mental health but so far L-Citrulline is helping immensely enough to where I’ve been able to avoid viagra.

  19. Friend can you please tell me which is better for erections, Citrulline or Horny goat weed. Or can I take both? Thanks.

  20. Friend, please tell me if it is enough to take Citrulline to improve the erection or if it is good to combine it with maca. I am 37 years old. thanks you.

  21. @Dr. Robert Chan You said L-Arginine is converted to N.O. so that must be heart healthy also.

  22. What are your thoughts on taking both supplements? Are there any studies that show helpfulness or harm if you take both

  23. @Dr. Robert Chan Interesting. Many in the medical field keep saying it isn’t good to take L Arginine or Citrulline with Cialis because they can contain nitric oxide which can make your BP too low among other side effects.

  24. Hi Dr. Robert Chan, I have heard taking L-Citruline and pycnogenol is good, however pycnogenol is quite expensive, would you recommend L-citruline and grape seed extract together?

  25. i take them both, and it relax my heart. this is the first time i experience my heart feel so relax, coz i have heart prolapse for 6 years.. and i really feel im on my way to healing.. ❤ just consult to your doctor if its okay for you to take them together.

  26. Hi Josh, haven’t heard too much about grape seed extract . Will have to look into some studies .

  27. Took it for months . 8 grams a day in 2 doses hours apart. 53 , 5’8” , 160 lbs , non smoker , eat healthy , exercise very often . Made NO difference in my blood pressure or erections. The only thing that works is rest , moderate exercise, NO stress and good sleep.

  28. Maybe a bad brand. Supplements aren’t tested for purity. Sometimes they’re basically placebos.

  29. ​@comandotech1I wish your question was answered, I’d like to know too. I’m 38 and already take the maca..

  30. L-cirtrulline is something I started taking per the notion that it generally increases blood flow and helps athletic performance morning wood/night time erections, better boners were also a result.

  31. I’m 55 years old, 5″10″ tall, and weigh 200 lbs. with a 32-inch waist and ripped to the bone. I take 6000 mg or 6 grams of L-Citrulline in my pre-workout almost daily and it works wonders for me in the gym, gives me great pumps and it has helped me with weak erections.. but if you think you can live a sedentary unhealthy lifestyle into middle age and just take these things and all will be well, you are going to be mostly disappointed… Yes low T is a problem for middle-aged men in the U.S. but an inactive, unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle, is in my opinion the main cause of the increase in men that suffer from all types of ED…

  32. Be sure your T levels are optimized. In our 50s, T levels are often in the tank… I know mine were. You are correct though, sleep, exercise and managing stress are huge factors.

  33. @godwithagun 1.2 grams, one tablet of Now Sports 1200 mg l-citrulline. Sometimes I throw in some l-arginine too. Deep breathing pelvic floor/diaphragm exercises along with pure tart cherry juice work even better. I have almost reversed ed completely. Still permanently messed up from surgery but headed in right direction and I hope you can make some progress too.

  34. Great point: I have often wondered if ED is largely a “poor VO2 max issue” that could largely be solved with improving cardiovascular function. In other words, is it really “aging” or is it living a “middle-aged lifestyle.”

  35. I have been taking both and helped with sleep, stamina, recovery, and libido.

  36. Thank you Dr. Chan for sharing the information with all of us! Much appreciated! Which brand of L Citrulline would be the most effective?

  37. I watch Urologist Rena, on YouTube, and you actually did a more prestine explanation here than she did. YOU…. MADE MORE sense, in layman’s terms on this subject.

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