What’s REALLY Inside a Personal Trainer’s Fridge?! | Fridge Tours | Women’s Health

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Qualified personal instructor and health instructor, Massy Arias takes us inside her whole food loaded refrigerator! She shares her must-haves, reveals her food philosophy and also shares 2 of her favored dishes– healthy protein spheres and a milkshake or smoothie! Make certain to take a look at Massy's brand-new item TRU Appeal, a 100% natural hair, skin, and nail supplement designed to assist you feel and look your absolute ideal! ✨ More Fridge Tours:

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17 thoughts on “What’s REALLY Inside a Personal Trainer’s Fridge?! | Fridge Tours | Women’s Health

  1. Love her
    Almost met her once in Philly, her and her husband had just left the place I was near then saw it on her snap

  2. My body doesn’t like carbs 😒 I’m jealous she can eat high carb. My stomach hates it! I’m allergic to chickpeas, can’t eat whole beans, red quinoa, and I’m not 100% sure if I can eat avocado, I’m still playing around with it! I drink a lot of herbal tea and it helps. Ginger + lemon in chamomile does help though! Like she says. Ginger is a miracle herb

  3. This woman is amazing! Her videos are great but too tricky & she looks so healthy πŸ’•

  4. Why would you not be able to eat avocado? Try a little see how you react πŸ₯‘

  5. @@darnitthelma4247 some people have allergic reactions to avacado and banana βœ‹πŸ½

  6. @@ba3048 who mentioned bananas? And she said not sure she can eat avocado not that she’s allergic?

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