This Is What’s Causing Your Back Pain

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This Is What's Causing Your Back Pain


In this video, Jonathan from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses the different types of back pain, the causes of each type, and of course the relevant anatomy involved in back pain.


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Video Timeline

00:00 – 00:34 Intro
00:35 – 03:00 The Mobile Parts of Your Spine
03:01 – 03:45 Part of Your Spine Fuses at Puberty!?
03:46 – 05:36 We Ask So Much of the Back… No Wonder We Are Prone to Back Pain!
05:37 – 07:41 Decompress Your Discs With Great Sleep On an Amazing Mattress
07:42 – 09:20 Spine & Disc Degeneration!
09:21 – 10:05 Herniated or "Bulging Discs"
10:06 – 11:35 Compressed Nerves & Nerve Pain!
11:36 – 13:14 The Sciatic Nerve & Sciatica
13:15 – 15:19 Arthritis in the Back!?
15:20 – 17:20 "Throwing Out Your Back" | Muscular Back Pain
17:21 – 17:47 Can You Have Multiple Types of Back Pain at the Same Time?
17:48 – 18:26 Other Sources of Back Pain
18:27 – 19:55 Potential Treatments fo Back Pain
19:56 – 20:58 Geoffrey & Jonathan's Final Message: Helix Sleep & Protect Your Backs!


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55 thoughts on “This Is What’s Causing Your Back Pain

  1. This is the quickest I’ve clicked on a notification considering I am in agony with my back right now!

  2. What an great video on back pain, gives a great account on how it occurs and the mechanics.
    As someone with a herniated L5 and L4, that deals with sciatica in both legs. I can testify how awful it can be. Especially when you re-injure it. It’s been 5 years and I’m not the same. Disc and back muscle pain, barely being able to move or twist. Not being able to lift things. It affects way more than you think it does.
    Take care of your back, it’s the only one you’ve got lol
    Cool to actually see the sciatic nerve

  3. Any chance of your teaming up with a physical therapist and really zooming in on the mechanical aspects of back pain relief? and what makes them ‘crack’ and why that comes with a lot of relief for some people? (thanks so much for your amazing channel and excellent presentations)

  4. I am so glad I found this channel a few months ago, I have learnt so much and love how you guys go so in depth about things in an easy to digest way! Thanks for the awesome content 🙂

  5. As someone with spina bifida who deals with multiple pains at once due to that, such as trouble with walking, massive pain around the end of the back (which affects the leg as well) and maaany other bone/nerve issues in result of it, I’d like to see you talk about the different kinds of spina bifida and explain the consequences/symptoms of it. I have the “mildest” type and it’s already horrifying, my mom’s case is a very peculiar one because she pretty much has some missing bones (her spine didn’t accompany her growth).

  6. Awesome video! I suffered for 20 years with lower back issues and upper back. Worked with chiropractic ppl and such. Didn’t get much relief so I kept digging into why I was having pain. Found out diet and exercise was my problem. Sugar and carbs were feeding my weakness in my muscles and lack of proper exercise was not supporting my muscles and structure. I’m 54 now and live a pain free life and take no meds or even aspirin. I eat keto organic with 18 hr fasting between my meals. I’m a very active person in many outdoor events and my job is driving my semi flatbed truck 450 miles a day. This channel is awesome as I continue to learn as to how my body works so that I can prevent injuries and better care for it. Thanks for posting your knowledge with us.

  7. As someone who’s been suffering from neck pain due to a slight loss of curvature this was informative. I would like if perhaps you do something like this for the neck as it seems a lot of people have issues with it nowadays, either with tension or vertebrae. Especially now, after covid where people worked from home in front of a computer without a proper setup.

  8. I was diagnosed with a bulge at L4 and L5 a couple days ago, just bad luck, i thought I was being dramatic and it was muscle pain but this makes me feel a lot better, like I’m not being a big baby for no reason! Loved this video, cheers

  9. as always; you guys bring great insights in our amazing body in a digestible fashion… that is a true art. Keep it going. If you have some material on this subject, i’d like to learn some more about cholesterol, the role of the liver and genetics, and how food impacts the H and LDL. Many thanks in advance.

  10. Thank you for this video. I’m in my early thirties and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis in multiple parts of my body but predominantly in my hips from Perthes disease twice as a child and hypermobility. No one has ever taken the time to explain what exactly my pain was caused by in detail and being able to actually SEE how it works and why it hurts is very cathartic.

  11. I have scoliosis, sway back, a herniated disc in my lower back that’s pinching nerves, and a tilted hip. The pain is constant and has greatly impacted what activites I am able to do. This video was super interesting and I’d love to see more about what contributes to back pain.

  12. As a 54 year old veteran who is about 100lbs overweight, I recently went back to the gym. About 3 years ago, I had been working out and had lost some weight but had a freak (non-workout related) accident where I shattered my kneecap and detached my patellar tendon. After some family tragedies, loss of employment and the pandemic, I am now back to trying to get back into shape and be healthy again. This time I decided to take a personalized diet plan from Next Level Diet, and even hire a personal trainer to make sure I don’t cause injuries to my 54 year old body with all my limitations from past accidents and age. My trainer and I are focusing on strength training to help with injury prevention and prevent osteoporosis (which runs in my family) and help with arthritis and balance. It has been about a month and I am already feeling so much stronger!!😎😎

  13. I have polycystic kidney disease and “innumerable” liver cysts. Back pain is so often my companion (in stage 4) and I was wondering if you might be able do a video showing PKD and how pain can result from it? I love this channel and appreciate learning from y’all. You’re interesting and easy to understand, yet entertaining, too. **Many** thanks.

  14. @Mike Rodgers It can happen very early on especially with kids glued to tech 24/7 with horrible posture.

    It enforced their muscles to stay locked in that shortened position, doesn’t really matter your age. Comes down to how much your using/not using certain muscles and posture.

  15. This was great! I’ve had sciatica for a long time, got way worse when I was pregnant to the point I couldn’t walk. Even now if I’m doing something that requires bending like cleaning my house, my lower back spasms it’s awful, guess I can’t clean 🤪 lol thanks for the video! Love all your videos!

  16. @Bronson I guess that’s why teachers wanted children to sit up correctly in chairs during grammar school lessons. 😁

  17. Highly appreciate your efforts Jonathan. This video is a good introduction and very informative. I have scoliosis due to lumbar hemivertebra. I’m 32 and much curious to know about my future with scoliosis and associated multiple disk bulge. I wish if you could do a part2 of this video focusing on scoliosis since it doesn’t have any treatment as per my limited knowledge.

  18. Yeah it’s just copy and paste 😂😂😂 trying to promote your laxative infused diet powered

  19. Thank you ♥️ as someone with disc bulges at L4-5 and L5-S1 with nerve issues AND Multilevel facet arthropathy from T12 to S1 your video has helped me understand it so much better.

    Being 35 and in constant pain sucks 🙁

  20. 4.5 years ago I was rear-ended in my car, sitting at a light. Herniated my L5-S1 and several bulges as well. I was an otherwise healthy and active guy. I try not to complain, because I know plenty of people have it worse, but I flat out can’t convey how much this has legitimately ruined my life. My work has suffered (I had a good career and was climbing the ladder), my gf of 7 years broke up with me because I’m constantly depressed and can’t do anything physical or fun anymore, and am borderline addicted to pain meds. I spend my life at countless drs appts, therapy, chiropractors, acupuncture, etc etc etc. I’ve had 17 or so surgical center procedures on top of the fusion surgery. It’s insane to think how one lady not pressing her right foot 4 inches down can destroy someone’s quality of life in an instant

  21. Have you seen a *Gonstead* Chiropractor?
    If not I’d encourage you to look up “Dr Rahim – Gonstead Chiropractor” on YouTube. What he does is incredible.

  22. Have you seen a *Gonstead* Chiropractor?
    If not I’d encourage you to look up “Dr Rahim – Gonstead Chiropractor” on YouTube. What he does is incredible.

  23. sorry to hear about your injury but I hope you’re able to get back on track in no time!

  24. Good for you! I love to hear stories of determination, regardless of injury and the chronic pain. I’m 57 disabled, neck mid low spine nerve issues. Recovering from cancer surgery radiation chemotherapy treatments. It’s really difficult to plan a future, and get moving forward again. There’s been plenty of times, through tears, I have begged G_d to please end my life. I am G_d fearing, and afraid of the consequences of suicide. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this.
    Best of 🤞 luck sir. Impressive outlook.

  25. Scoliosis here too. And my lumbar spine and one of my hips are rotated slightly as well. PAIN

  26. TL;DR?
    Go chat to a physical therapist, or, spinal surgeon if need be. NOT only a chiropractor, they won’t actually fix the issues.

    — Just want to throw in my 2c, as it might help someone. I don’t think many in the US realise this, but it is the country that normalises chiropractors the most, yet unfortunately it is PSEUDOSCIENCE. If you go to one and it works for you that’s great, but, know that you’re simply getting the equivalent to a MASSAGE you like. Chiropractors are NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS (they do not have a Medical Doctorate), they are witch doctors (ha, sorry, couldn’t resist) that get another type of doctorate degree and use that to appear like they have an MD… It’s very disingenuous; it’s also probably not really their fault, it’s a cultural thing at this point.
    — PHYSICAL THERAPISTS and SPINAL SURGEONS (in extreme cases) are “REAL MEDICAL DOCTORS”, and will treat you as physicians officially with and with scientifically proven (beyond a reasonable doubt) methods by more medical research that you couldn’t finish reading within your entire lifetime.
    — if it sounds like I’m being harsh, I want to stress again, that chiropractors are fine so long as they are recognised by the patient for what they are: someone who might make you feel good, but they do not replace MDs. Also, they may make it “much” worse for some people, so monitor that when going to one, don’t increase going if it starts to hurt more.

    I hope this helps someone.

  27. @Leana Kate Ellis it’s okay if the normies never understand us, we’ll just keep being absolute legends together 👁️👄👁️ 🖤

  28. @Stellular Nebulla – Daniel Davies I’m sorry to be a jerk, but I feel it’s important to provide people with all views. That “Dr” in his name ISN’T a REAL medical doctor title, he is not a “real doctor” in the casual sense of the word. He basically went to a school of MASSAGING that had a degree called: “massage doctor”. By calling him Dr, you’re spreading (by accident) misinformation. It makes me sick that in his YouTube info it says “or Dr Rahim as he prefers to be called”. Not only is unashamedly false advertising, but, it’s common for MDs, PhDs, etc, consider it pretentious to refer to yourself as “Dr …”, as it’s like introducing yourself as “Mr / Ms …”; so he’s manipulating and pompous. It’s only “ethical” to do in situations where your education won’t be taken out of context and is illegal otherwise in some countries.
    BUT!! While I felt it’s important to post this to contrast, I also want to say if chiropractors help anyone, then that is good news for you and no one should shame anyone for that. It’s just really important to understand that by going to one, you are NOT getting medical treatment. If you want that, see a PHYSICAL THERAPIST. They are “real doctors”, and can do doctory things like prescribe you meds, write you official medical letters for having time off work, etc.

    Stay informed and healthy.

  29. I’ve been having back problems for over a decade and regularly see doctors, chiropractors, and pain management physicians. I learned more about my spine in this 20 min video than all of my doctor appointments combined. Great stuff.

  30. Oh and then not only do you have the buy the bed, you need the frame too. Say goodbye to another $600+. Insane. What the actual hell makes this company think their beds are worth $2000?

  31. No one ever understands our pain either. Mine affects the L3, L4, and L5 with herniated discs and Osteoarthritis with Bilateral sciatica. Then Bilateral osteoarthritis in the S1 joints, Spondolosis, and minor Scoliosis. Let’s not forget the pulled back muscles! That’s just the lumbar area. I wish there was help for us.

  32. @ragnhild thingstad I’ve been asking around and my doctor and fisio say that it can be done but they don’t think it would help me, but I could try. Rn I don’t have the money but one I have saved up a little bit I’m trying it. Also it isnt very common in my country to get these injections, or at least that’s what they told me

  33. @Anastasia Wish you good luck. However, my tip on strengthening your abdominal muscles will not hurt you, rather help your body concentrate and work on the real problem / cause. That goes for everything: at least train and keep in shape what still is working in order to give your body better and lighter healing conditions. Then the medicine also have a much better chance to hit the problem sector.

  34. I had back pain for over 5 years when I was 29. I am now painfree. The number one way to protect your spine is to build a good strong back. 💪

  35. I had very painful neck pain I went to capracror I was nerves a lot but he cracked my neck and I had no pain for few weeks

  36. I have a lot going on in my back as well, no idea where it starts or where it ends, but various pains all from uper rib cage downd to the hip, and then streaching out in the legs, mainly lower part of the legs and feet.
    Good days, i feal a tiny itchy kinda of pain, buy verry mild, less than 1, so i dont relay care, normaly days pain is in diferent part of the back scaled from 3-5, less movement – less pain.
    Bad days i rather dont move at all, as it instantly send intensive pain out, 7-8, spikes at 9, realy bad days … well you see where its going.
    MRI didnt reveal anything, that could say it was becouse of this or that, latest doctor refear me to do some Yoga and recomended me to try akupunkture, as i am right now, 2 treatments so far, but no idea where this will lead. Im happy for all those days when im at 2 or less in pain

  37. Well I’ve SB too, mild form, but enough to pretty well cripple me for life. It isn’t a visible disability and even my GP thought l was swinging the lead as l seemed OK usually on surgery visits. But I’d taken strong pain killers to get there. I suffer too from AS and have lived most of my life in panic mode. Pain levels were often off the scale.

  38. I have this problem exact you mention sometimes when end egde of back suddenly extremely hurt My left leg loses strenght and I fall on the floor atleast 3 minutes I cant moved even my leg seeming paralyze…

  39. I have the same as you! Even the length of time is the same! After my last really bad episode of pain I have this new problem with my nerves where my toes just randomly like to go off in different directions. So that’s fun!! 🤷‍♀️😅 Hope you get some relief from it soon.

  40. @Valentine Vitamin D is in Front of inflammation.
    I have backpain durch Borrelien. I use Phytotherapie, Artemesia anua, Wilde Cardenwurzel, Cystus incanus.

  41. Same here. I’ve had back pain and my doctor thinks its due to my commuting to work and sitting in my car for long periods of time. My doctor mentioned it could be due to age but never broke it down for me like this video has. I’m in the gym now trying to see if it will make a difference. But I love these videos.

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