October 2, 2022

Metformin – Bodybuilding and Anti-Aging Miracle Drug?

Fat Burning Anti Aging Kitchen

Metformin has applications in diabetes but has likewise lately been used for anti-aging purposes. Right here is why I am currently taking it.

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Metformin – Body Building and also Anti-Aging Wonder Medicine

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32 thoughts on “Metformin – Bodybuilding and Anti-Aging Miracle Drug?

  1. Hi Mark.
    Sorry for asking but I took my second shot of deca this morning for back and legs pain if it works I’m considering staying on it at 50×2 a week.
    Are you on a cycle or on it for good.

  2. Marc, for general health and longevity, definitly, but wouldn’t anything activating the AMPK pathway (with the possible exception of C3G) inhibit mTor and as a result protien synthesis? The same holds true for berberine. Seems counterintuitive for bodybuilding.

  3. It’s like any other drug. You have to balance the sides with the benefits. I think most will benefit more from the positive effects vs the sides. Most people I know including myself have had no tangible muscle loss or lack of gains from it. However we are not elderly men in poor health vs who the studies were done on.

  4. Only problem with it if you are Hypoglycemic even in the bit you can get in trouble quick using it it mid to higher doses.

  5. I can’t wait until he doesn’t have to worry about the legal repercussions of talking about his drug use and not trying to claim pure legal health benefits that anyone can have too. He’s probably healthier than most of us and we wouldn’t be able to get what he gets legally. Now that will be in incredible raw video

  6. I’ve taken metformin in the past not for antiaging related I was on 1,000mg twice a day (highest dose for PCOS) as a nurse I do think this is a miracle drug for sure but interesting for anti-aging/health benefits also happy birthday!!!

  7. My mother in law has had diabetes ever since I met my wife which Is close to 30yrs anyway she never has taken care of herself or her diet properly,, She had been taking metformin and at about age 65 she developed dementia / alzheimer’s now at 70 it is really bad she knows us her family but looks terrible and isn’t doing good ,, My wife read that Metformin can cause brain memory problems and eventually full blown dementia ,, I read that it depletes vitamin B levels which leads to memory issues eventually in some people,,, Any thoughts on that ? I’m on trt and also use some other anabolics but take breaks in the anabolics and never go to crazy with them just trt and a oral added in couple runs a year anyway from what u said the Metformin sounds great to me just checking on the vitamin B issue and you’re thoughts ?? Thx alot

    1. Yes, it specifically can reduce b12 absorption. B12 does alot for regenerating nerves etc. Supposedly b12 shots can overcome this issue.

  8. Hey Marc just curious on why you are usare Ng metformin instead of an insulin like lantus that long acting since metformin has been shown to reduce IGF1 levels?

  9. The name of the guy was David Sinclair from Harvard 👍

    I have had great results taking metformin for energy and antiaging. I started at 250mg and built my tolerance up because it can cause an upset stomach. I take 1000mg once a day at night now (which is what David Sinclair takes)

    1. Do you have any link for Sinclair’s thoughts on bodybuilding? I just read an interview with him where they discussed how this supplement might limit muscle gain. Minimally i guess. He said it can be an issue for bodybuilders who go into competitions. But what about regular bodybuilders?

    2. Can u update your results i have started 250 mg for weight loss n longevity im 113kgs 36 yrs old how did it benefit u wheb do you increase the doses n for what results did it helped mate….

    3. @LadyKay  he would discourage bodybuilding since he thinks mTOR increases aging. Metformin is said to inhibit MTor and increases AMPK. If you are natural my thoughts are that metformin has anti-aging benefits but may lead to less muscle growth and cardio endurance. If you are enhanced it probably won’t effect performance to a great degree but you’ll get lean more easily and be healthier.

  10. Your joint are flaring up because your estrogen is crashed. 2mgs of arimidex will take almost anyone’s E2 to 0 even on grams of gear. Mark, are you testing your Estrogen via the sensitive assay or just taking it because? You should only take AIs if your E2 is super high above 35-40pg/dl and it experiencing symptoms(gyno, water retention, low libido, mood). If this is the case I’d take no more than a gram a week split up on injection days

  11. I’m dying. Dude, you are off-the-wall hilarious, succinct, super articulate, informative and a true natural (not to be confused with natural bodybuilding). Annnnnnd you’ve got a
    schnozz as robust as mine. Thanks, heaps, for the info. I’ll ask you more via IG DM.

  12. I keep hearing that metformin drops your testosterone levels a ton, it’d be a good topic for a video.

  13. Bro I absolutely LOVE your outright bars!! The oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip are my favorite! Thank you

  14. Do you think I can loose weight while taking for anti aging?

    I am not diabetic nor do I have any other ailments,but on the heavier side. I lift weights 3x a week and walk/run 2miles minimum the other days.

    If I double my weight lifting (going super heavy) or double the amount I am doing , do you think I can still keep/build more muscle at the same time? How has thé metformin been? Are you still taking?

  15. would stacking metformin with cardarine be helpful for someone overweight looking for fat/weight loss?

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