Intervention: Pam’s Addiction to Drugs & Alcohol Leads Her to Lose Custody of Her Son | A&E


Pam's dependency results in rough effects for her life and also family members, in this clip from Season 22, "Pam".


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250 thoughts on “Intervention: Pam’s Addiction to Drugs & Alcohol Leads Her to Lose Custody of Her Son | A&E

  1. Just the change in her voice alone after getting clean was amazing. When she was using and drinking, you could harly even understand what she was saying (hence all of the subtitles).

  2. I remember being just like this. How awesome that she is clean. She looked so ashamed when she was using. Made me cry to see her sober and hear that she sees her son now. Priceless!!!

  3. how did we come to the point where we have separated “drugs” and “alcohol”.. alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs ever known to humans. its just so insidious and even more so since its accepted.

  4. Yeah, I was tossed at 15 in favor of my mom’s married lover who didn’t want me around either. Was not my last time being homeless but no matter how you arrive at that point there is always that one single moment when you think or speak aloud, “Now where do I go?” That’s when your inner child curls up tight, fists clenched hard, squeezes their eyes shut and begins to quietly rock to self soothe. Then the real problems begin when the streets, not the highly rare quality organizations or individual person, is the first to say, “Come with me”. I’m glad she made it out…

  5. Idk what that’s from other than bronchitis but I never lost my voice like that

  6. It’s a shame how many “parents” pick their lovers over their kids. What a shame. Unfit people get to have as many kids as they want and are able to ruin lives.

  7. You didn’t deserve that and I’m sorry that happened to you and rest assured your story helps others. ❤️

  8. This was a tear jerker. I pray she is still sober & living her best life with her son. She is so deserving of happiness. We all are. Please value yourself enough to ask for help if you need it. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. You are here for a reason & you are loved. ❤️

  9. At least they’re trying their best now…they realize what their mistakes were and are now doing what they can so Pamela can get better

  10. Her mom saying she told her to come home, completely disregards how Pamela felt when she was initially kicked out at 16 and had to go to Montréal to begin with. This is the first intervention when no one had to threaten kicking their addicted family member out or no longer providing support

  11. Young people need the love and emotional support of their family. Shame on that stepfather for alienating this child. You know when you involve yourself with a parent they come as a package deal.

  12. I don’t think people realize how easy it is for people to fall into the addiction hole. And it affects everyone around that person. It’s so sad and damaging on so many levels

  13. “Drugs AND alcohol”? What? Since when is alcohol not a drug? Its one of the very most destructive DRUGS in our society!!!

  14. Pam’s feelings were right on. She felt abandoned by her mother because her mother chose the step father over her.

  15. Double shame on the mother for putting up with it and not standing up for her own child!

  16. Yes. More honest title would say “Addiction to Alcohol & Other Drugs”.

  17. The love her family has for her is palpable. I’m so glad she reached sobriety. May she, her son and her family have a long happy and sober life. What a blessing the intervention was.

  18. THIS!!! I was thinking ab the same thing how her mom just let her step dad do that.. so sad.

  19. @JennaB I get acid reflux a LOT from drinking, tomato sauce etc and I put away bottles but it never took my voice. I know another chick who does though and sounds like her

  20. I was so deep into my addiction to alcohol. I couldn’t work. I was at the gas station as soon as they opened to buy more as I was shaking from withdrawals. I couldn’t sleep for more than an hour or two before having to drink more. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Have been sober for a year and a half. My body can’t go through that again. Recovery is possible!

  21. Because alcohol is literally alcohol. The withdrawals are much different and actually more dangerous then drugs. Saying Alcohol addiction doesn’t make it sound better. That’s just what it is

  22. My husband’s step father has recently gotten clean and is currently 100+ days sober. I saw him for the first time since his recovery and I was shocked by how different he looked! He looked 10 years younger, he looked so so good! It was absolutely amazing. It’s crazy what sobriety can do

  23. @jenny lynx I get what you’re saying but it’s kind of like saying well “because Nitrous Oxide is literally gas it shouldn’t be labeled a drug”, ketamine is literally horse tranquilizer still a very powerful dissociative drug for humans? Dextromethorphan (dxm) is literally cough and flu medicine but in high doses (200mgs-1200mgs) its an extremely powerful psychedelic and dissociative drug. Yeah, Alcohol is really just a poison at the end of the day but still a drug due to its psychoactive effects (gaba agonism and NMDA antagonism)

  24. @jenny lynx and the withdrawals are pretty much just like any other potent gaba agonist (benzodiazpines, barbiturates and phenibut all cause the same type of insomnia, severe anxiety, hallucinations and most scary seizures…)

  25. @Sonay As long as they’re truly trying to be better parents/people, you are right.

  26. @Mongo gojjo You can die from alcohol withdrawal. You can’t die from opiate or benzo withdrawal. So there is differently differences

  27. I’m so proud of you. Congratulations on another day clean and sober. I had 10 years and relapsed and now I am coming up on my 7th year again. I have learned that counting my days is important but not as important as making my days count 💕you are clearly doing that. Have. a great day 🙂

  28. Her mother after allowing her to be kicked out by the stepfather, asks her to move back and then saying it was HER choice not to come back. The damage was already done. A mother allowing her daughter to be kicked out at 16 by a man that is not her father is not a mother. She was abandoned. The fact that she was singled out is a reflection of the whole family.

  29. Be there done that. What your saying is bull shoot. I fought to get out. She can do the same. Only if she wants it

  30. Interesting that every parent on these shows says the day their kid was born was the happiest day of their life and then we hear the truth and the trauma they put their own kids through 🤢🤮

  31. @Sharon Rogowski True. I’m in the same boat. I’ve been divorced since 2017 and I don’t date so my son can have some normalcy with his mom and dad still in his life and doesn’t have to worry about calling another man “dad” or not?!

  32. Isn’t it crazy how deep we can b in our own failures and addiction- I never want to be in a dark place again man 😕 good for you being sober !!!

  33. My children’s mother has chosen alcohol and men over our children. She comes over and sees them maybe twice a month. It breaks my heart for my children

  34. @cindy munoz Beloved darling ❤️!!! You are a queen!!! A masterpiece! A survivor! We love you, darling!!! You can do this, baby!!!!

  35. @Sephira Akira so proud of you I suffer with opiate addiction how did u do it and what really helped you

  36. Annemarie, I am in total agreement with you!!! You absolutely 💯 nailed it!!! Very, very few people ever ask about the pain!!! They just throw them away. They have don’t seem to remember that they are still people. They are still in there!!! Throwing them away isn’t going to be help with this horrible illness, it may drive them further into their addiction. I know that they have enough self loathing within themselves!!! When they think that everyone else hates them they figure they are not worth trying to get their lives back!!! They are sick, not bad! TRY to show them some empathy, not sympathy, but empathy. Let them know that they are loved and they are worth getting the help they need to get to the root of the pain that caused them to turn to drugs. Encourage them to get some professional help to deal with the pain and the addiction. Show some love and compassion ❤️ 💕 It could be you or someone you love ❤️ We can do better people!!

  37. @Michele Berara Hi Michele, YES…We must care about others and Not DISCARD them…
    Addiction is a way of coping with unresolved severe emotional pain…
    What happens when we open our hearts to these poor suffering people is that they get better!
    I’ve been SOBER for 22years….GOD BLESS YOU MY DEAR….

  38. God Bless you Amnamarie for bringing this very important message to the attention of those people that don’t even consider that in most cases of addiction there is pain and the addict is trying desperately to mask it, to forget and it is the only way many people suffering from addiction know how to escape the pain, if only for a little while!!! You are a beautiful soul ❤️

  39. @Michele Berara So are you Michele….That makes two of us…May God Bless You on your journey through Life

  40. I’m 6.5 months clean and I thought I never could get sober. Its a whole new life. Being reborn in a way

  41. The distinction has been made for quite a while. There’s a reason why there’s AA and NA. It’s not the alcohol that is insidious, it’s the addiction. Alcohol is fine when used responsibility by a non-addict, which is also the case with weed, or even some other substances. And there are some drugs which should remain illegal and really can’t ever be used safely.

  42. Yeah and in the end threatened to abandon her again if she didn’t accept the help. Pretty sad

  43. @𝕣𝕒𝕖 𝕕𝕠𝕖𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤 Sadly my mum did the same to me and my brothers, left my Dad & took off with an alcoholic abuser. It sure does leave you with abandonment issues & it goes far deeper than feeling neglected. I am not sure you ever get over it, have you?
    Ali, UK xx

  44. @Tim Harper sorry Tim it will get better you got to believe that it will at least you’re being a responsible parent taking care of your children keep up the great work your kids love you for that and they will always remember that take care 😎🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 keep your head up

  45. Thanks for sharing. Alcohol is a terrible drug and I’m glad you were able to wriggle free from its grip. Hang in there, stay humble and do the best you can to avoid it for the rest of your life. I’m on a similar path. It’s not always easy but in the long run it’s easier, if that makes sense. God bless you 👍

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