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The hollow hold is a core training staple– but are you certain you're even doing the workout correctly?

For this fundamental health club need, you shouldn't settle for anything besides perfect form– specifically since it's such a straightforward, crucial movement when done properly. Allow Guys's Health and wellness health and fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. and also associate fitness editor Brett Williams overview you with the workout's nuances, saving you from the negative routines that are maintaining you from unlocking your fitness potential.

Prior to you drop down to the floor to start, make note that it's extremely essential to take notice of the nuances of the position below. You're not simply lifting your legs as well as arms up with no other signs– you're going to have to take note of more than just your limbs. That will certainly make a lot more feeling as you apply the placement somewhere else in your training, considering that the fundaments of the step will certainly educate you how to place your body for acrobatics steps like the handstand.

Learn the move, and obtain your abdominals shredded!

How to Perfect Your Hollow Hold|Type Examine|Guy's Wellness

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37 thoughts on “How to Perfect Your Hollow Hold | Form Check | Men’s Health

  1. Never seen that and thanks for sharing, it’s amazing what you can achieve with bodyweight alone.

  2. This exercise is great for adding to your pushups and chin ups. Great exercise as long as you keep pressuring the low back into the ground like he said.

  3. What if your butt is raising you off the ground. I got a big butt(being serious) lmao

  4. I can’t press my lower back into the floor it come right back up into a curve, why is this? I can do it normally laying down but the moment I lift my arms it comes right back up.

  5. @Zombkiin consider focusing on strengthening lower back first. Research birddogs and supermans to see what you think

  6. You could start out by not lifting your legs and arms and simply focus on the core position first.

  7. @Zombkiin It’s probably because you’re not strong enough in the core to be lifting your arms up yet and that’s ok. You could first start out by trying to focus on squeezing your core into the ground. I wouldn’t worry about lifting the rest of your body up just yet until you feel you’ve mastered the core position.

  8. I don’t think the head is meant to be in a certain way. I think as long as it’s by your ears, it’s ok so that way your whole body is aligned.

  9. The hollow hold consists of more than the abdominals. You’re working the hip flexors, quadriceps, obliques, etc.

  10. Breathing comes as you learn to develop some core endurance. Done improperly and you could feel unnecessary pain. I’d go from the beginning and I’d really try to focus solely on the core position with feet and arms on the floor. It’ll give you an easier chance to breathe while still maintaining the essential position. Hopefully this helps.

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