How I Tricked My Brain To Like Doing Hard Things (dopamine detox)

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0:00 Jeffrey
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0:38 Secret regarding me
2:22 Action # 1.
4:32 Action # 2.
6:56 My Dopamine Detox trip.
7:30 Exactly how this will all help you.

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46 thoughts on “How I Tricked My Brain To Like Doing Hard Things (dopamine detox)

  1. The more you progressively overload the hard work you put in, and improve your mental health, the easier and more fun it gets.

  2. I think stoicism is the main thing you need to learn, and once you realize that you shouldn’t feel emotions towards things you cant control. You will become Unstoppable! Great video as always Hamza.

  3. It took me a while to embrace hard work, I was a Jeffrey for most of my self improvement journey, but then I started to see how my mental health improved when I was being productive, how nofap and cold approaching was boosting my confidence, how working on self improvement YouTube videos was motivating me in my day to day life and bringing this passion out of me I didn’t see before, etc…
    Just know that instant gratification isn’t worth it, the grass is truly greener on the other side

  4. I think discipline is the main factor of getting work done.
    So guys if you’re starting out your self improvements just like me you should consider working on your self discipline skills.
    Do the hard work especially when you don’t feel like it 😘

  5. Happy new year Hamza and Everybody!
    I will always remember this,
    ” Do the hard work, especially even if you don’t feel like it. ” – Hamza

  6. I’m very disciplined in training for my sports (I’m in the French National Team) but I find myself to not work enough the rest of the time, I just started an agency and I have been putting off doing certain things. Thank you Hamza for trying to help. I am doing the hard work, especially when I don’t feel like it !

  7. What I freaking love about Hamza is that if you would do every single with he says and even blindly trusted him, your life would get 350% better. He gives you a literal guide for a good life, be grateful for that and do the freaking things he says. Just do it and you‘ll see the benefits for your whole life.

  8. After more than a year of watching Hamza I realized that more and more i’ve been turning into Adonis and this video proved that. I’ve been looking foward to working out so much more than i used to be. Thank you for changing my life forever Hamza.

  9. 1. Improve mental health
    2. Do dopamine detox
    3. Create timetable
    4. Do harder challenges to make normal ones easy.

  10. I am grateful for this year as it brought me into the world of self improvement and introduced me to this amazing creator. Happy New Year Hamza and have a wonderful year ahead!

  11. This is definitely true! I’m the kind of guy who is always trying to find the “correct answers” when it comes to things like social situations, diet, exercise, finances etc. and Hamza is one of the only people on YouTube (and maybe Jordan Peterson) that gives you a step by step guide to life. I know that may turn some people off, but as a guy who already loved routines and schedules before I even discovered Hamza in August 2022, helped me double down on it even more and add exercise into my routine. He saved my life after I broke up with my first girlfriend in June this year. I’m now 20 years old, and changed my major in college from political science to NURSING, and have already been volunteering at my hospital for the past 4 months and am trying to become a Pediatric Cardiac ICU Nurse 🙂

  12. @infinity620 I didn’t say what sport, I’m not a footballer I do Rowing, I’m in the under 18’s men’s team

  13. @TheParasiticCritic That’s absolutely incredible man I wish nothing but the best for the rest of your journey. Im starting to take myself serious in 2023 especially in fitness so I’m gonna have to be more disciplined with things I don’t like.

  14. @ChildlikeManic Bro, every time you feel like giving up, go on YouTube and look at your comment so you know what you promised yourself

  15. I will doing the same in the new year, I wish you guys the best luck and happy new year🎉🎉

  16. Thank you Hamza for pumping out another great fundamental video. I respect what you are doing, like the aspects of creating goals in a time table or the philosophy of facing toughness creates a tough mind.

  17. I love you SAM!!!! Thank you Hamza for the amazing work that you put in every day! You are inspiring. I’ve never been more motivated in life to get better, and I keep coming back to see the lesson that you have for me to make my life better. You deserve everything man.

  18. If you want to learn stoicism, get a book called “The Daily Stoic” by Ryan Holiday.

  19. @CrownStorm Productions thank you for the reply brother, I’m currently reading meditations by Marcus aurelius and it really highlights how stoicism can be used in your day to day life, great book I would highly recommend if u haven’t read it yet

  20. Thank you, I’m a 13 year old from Romania and i was chubby most of my life, everyone made fun of me but now that i started eating fairly better and working out i seen changes in only 2 months, I would say a 20-25% Body fat, and it really motivates me to keep going and your videos aswell, my family is poor and humble and hopefully i can change that to just wealthy, my genetics blessed me with being 6’1 and pretty decent muscle recovery. Thank you god, and Hamza ❤️

  21. This video is really helpful for me because I’m a student and I didn’t do as well in my classes this year as I wanted, so my New Year’s goal is to improve at everything that I do, studying included. As usual, thank you.

  22. Hamza is not like every youtubers who give life advices. He just give the pure answers and gives the core point when other youtubers just make for fame and money. I’m really greatful for the cult. I was really a jeffrie, I’ve improved a lot on myself. I can now flex my chest and found the best version of mine. There’s more to improve myself. Have a great day guys!

  23. I am very grateful for the value that your advice added to my life during the past year, Hamza. I wish everyone an equally happy and successful 2023.

  24. Where could I find videos like hamza ´s for girls ? I want to improve my girlfriend’s mental health

  25. You will be the champion to make your family wealthy and safe forever. Keep up the good work and there is no limit to how far you can go.
    I pray for your success!

  26. Happy new year everyone!!! Wish you to spend this year productive and get rid off the terrible habits that hold you down. I want to stop overthinking this year and play less video games-my personal goal, so next year I will come and see if I will have managed to do that

  27. Thank You Hamza, obviously it is up to my own efforts to improve my own mental health but I feel like your wisdom actually gave a lot of faith that I could actually make a change for the better of my own mental health, I’m actually gonna try my best this time.

  28. Thank you hamza,you changed my life.I’ve learned a lot in your videos,keep inspiring others

  29. I just started crying a bit. I remember having depressive phases not long ago. And now, they’re gone.
    Thank you Hamza! Thank you to help me improving my mental health drastically!

  30. Or in other words, start a time table which keeps you busy and away from bad habits, and after following for a while, your mental health will be better, and you will start enjoying harder challenges as a result.

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