Facial Exercises For GLOWING SKIN! Prevent Acne, Scars, Pigmentation | Anti-Aging, Face Lift

Fat Burning Anti Aging Kitchen

#glowingskin #acne #pimples
You don't need to touch your skin directly this time to protect your skin!! No WORRY!!
Try these exercises once or twice in a day and after a week you should start observing some changes!! The key is doing everyday.

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✴️Nose Massage

✴️V-Shaped Face

✴️Smile Line/Laugh Lines/Nasolabial folds

✴️V shape Face Exercise!

✴️Fuller Lip / Thinner Lip

😃About Masumi
❤️Job: A Certified Face yoga & Hatha yoga teacher, Therapist, Vegan Food Coordinator
❤️Nationality: Japan
❤️Language: Japanese Native Speaker. English is my second language!
❤️Age: In this video I am 30.
❤️Skin Type: Dry skin
❤️Favorite food: Vegetarian food, Japanese Food, Thai Food, Indian Spicy Curry, Chai Tea
❤️Any plastic surgery: Never done before
❤️How many years I have done face yoga : 3 years
❤️My hobby: Meditation, Cooking. Traveling abroad and Making My Youtube Videos

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783 thoughts on “Facial Exercises For GLOWING SKIN! Prevent Acne, Scars, Pigmentation | Anti-Aging, Face Lift

  1. Hi everyone! How are you? Thank you so much for watching always~~~~!!!🙏😭✨if you don’t understand how to do the exercises and have questions, please leave comments below! Masumi will continue to improve the video🥺💓

  2. Gracias masumi me gustan mucho tus rutinas de masajes y ejercicios del rostro🌷🌼

  3. You are my best youtuber… I started an exercise from 3 days… Hope so I”ll see good result…. Masumi you are such a nice person…. You will be top youtuber one day..🥰🥰😇

  4. Thank you Ms. Masumi, instant results love it and I’m 61 years old. Shàlom

  5. Спасибо, Солнышко! Всегда все делаю и выгляжу замечательно!

  6. I enjoy your exercises masumi ,its soooo relaxing😌 ahh i can feel the energy during the last exercise..thank you so much..love from india🇮🇳

  7. Masumi mam,I really enjoyed doing your facial exercises along with u especially 1st exercise 😂😂💜❤️
    You Deserve billion Followers
    All the best Sweet 💖

  8. Sis can you say me how to fix my lips cause its like upper lip is short and down its bigg say me sis or make a video 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔🤧

  9. Day 1✅
    Day 2✅
    I forgot to update but I’v been doing this for a week and I am really satisfied with the results, even my mom noticed a glow on my face thank you for this video🥰👍

  10. Hey Masumi, i love your all the exercises and they help me a lot to get more beautiful skin but unfortunately i got dark circles and because of that my eyes looks tired 😴 tell me some tips and exercises for that………love you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ and also love from India 🇮🇳👍🏻👍🏻

  11. For those who want to try out this exercise, definitely you can read my comment 🙂
    I’ll do this exercise for a month and update you guys (three days once).
    Day 1: Done – 16/02/22
    Day 2: Done – 17/02/22
    Day 3: Done – 18/02/22
    There is no changes. I’m feeling the same as always. But this helps me to feel relax. I tried doing this twice a day like after waking up and before going to sleep.
    Day 4: Done – 19/02/22
    Day 5: Done – 20/02/22
    Day 6: Done – 21/02/22
    There is no changes. Looks like as usual. Yes! we can’t get anything easily. Ok 🙂 Let’s hope and see some changes in one another week and update you guys.
    Day 7: Done – 22/02/22
    Day 8: Done – 23/02/22
    Day 9: Done – 24/02/22
    On day 7 also no change but from day 8, I feel like my face getting glower a bit than normal. Cool!
    Day 10: Done – 25/02/22
    Day 11: Done – 26/02/22
    Day 12: Done – 27/02/22
    Face not even lift up still and there is even no small changes in pigmentation 🙁 No changes. Let’s see in upcoming days. I read most of the comments, most of us got changes in 3-4 days. But I don’t know, why there is no changes in my face 🙁
    Day 13: Done – 28/02/22
    Day 14: Done – 01/03/22
    Day 15: Done – 02/03/22
    No changes 🙁 let’s see
    Day 16: Done – 03/03/22
    Day 17: Done – 04/03/22
    Day 18: Done – 05/03/22
    No changes 🙁 let’s see
    Day 19: Done – 06/03/22
    Day 20: Done – 07/03/22
    Day 21: Done – 08/03/22
    Ok fine. Still no changes 🙁 I”ll update my reviews once per week from now on. let’s see
    Day 22: Done – 09/03/22
    Day 23: Done – 10/03/22 (1set)
    Day 24: Done – 11/03/22 (1set)
    Day 25: Done – 12/03/22 (1set)
    Day 26: Done – 13/03/22 (1set)
    Day 27: Done – 14/03/22 (1set)
    Day 28: Done – 15/03/22 (1set)
    No buddies. There is no difference. Oh no 🙁 ok let’s see
    Day 29: Done – 16/03/22 (1set)
    Day 30: Done – 17/03/22 (1set)
    Day 31: Done – 18/03/22 (1set)

    me – Hurray!!! Successfully completed one month of doing this exercise.
    my mind – Hey! no you did 1set for 9 days. So, you need to do 9 more sets to complete 1month task successfully. hahahaha

    Ok 🙂 Will do 9 more sets and update my one month results soon to you buddies.
    Day 32: Done – 19/03/22 (1set)
    Day 33: Done – 20/03/22 (1set)
    Day 34: Done – 21/03/22 (1set)

    —–3 days break —-
    Day 35: Done – 25/03/22 (1set)
    Day 36: Done – 26/03/22 (1set)

    Final result: Only 10% changes. No more results 🙁

  12. I will keep doing this for a month and I’ll update you guys how it went 😀 don’t forget to remind me tho.

  13. Hi masumi ! I am following your every exercise videos and i got a great results by performing your exercises …..
    Thanks for your lovely videos..

  14. Same with me, I tried it last year and it worked but I stopped then I continued 3 weeks ago but no changes and my acnes even increased but I’ll still continue maybe the results are late

  15. Is it permanent? I mean if i get glowing skin then it will be permanent or not?

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