Erectile Dysfunction – What Not to Say When Your Man Can’t Get it Up

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Did you understand that at the very least 47 million males in the US alone have experienced erectile dysfunction? And while ED is usually depicted as a joke in the media, know that for the person with a penis experiencing it, it's anything yet that to them! Individuals with impotence often feel embarrassed, alone and substandard. This influences their sex life and naturally individuals they have sex with! With this in mind, combating the preconception around ED is something we must all contribute to which's why I'm honored to share that I'm partnering with EveAdam, an electronic health company, who have assembled a survey to help clarify what people know (and also don't recognize) concerning impotence from the companion's point of view.

In this video British sexual instructor Hannah Witton and also I, breakdown the differences in how Americans and also British individuals respond to ED.

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View my video on Hannah Witton's network where we dive into COCKS and how this acronym can be utilized to battle the preconception around people who can not get or preserve an errection

ED is a range condition definition that some males experience it frequently while others experience it every now and then. Some struggle to an erection and others have difficulty maintaining an erection. And despite where your experiences could fall on that spectrum understand that a minimum of 47 million men in the United States alone, have actually experienced ED.

Next you might be asking yourself why it takes place as well as I want to start responding to that question by highlighting that the large bulk of ED is physical vs psychological. That implies that a lot of the time, ED has nothing to do with external elements (like you) as well as even more to do with what's taking place under the hood with the individual. As an example, here are some even more prospective sources of ED: Certain prescription medicines, Obesity, Clogged capillary, High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Cigarette use, Alcohol addiction and various other forms important abuse, Sleep problems, a bigger prostate, surgeries or injuries that influence the pelvic location or spinal cord as well as ED can be a negative effects of a number of various other wellness conditions like heart disease or diabetes. Furthermore, a great deal of medication utilized to treat a few of the disorders above might likewise be the factor that a person can't obtain it up below the belt. That is why options like Giddy are extraordinary as it permits a guy to work on other health worries without feeling like they have to select in between feeling much better and also obtaining tough. To much better understand this, here's a refresher course on just how erections function.

Consider the penis like an inflatable bed: there are inflow tubes that pump air right into the mattress that represents your arteries. As well as a discharge tube, that takes air out of the mattress that represents your capillaries. When you get excited, your mind sends signals to your muscles to kick back, opening your arteries so blood can move in. As blood continues to flow into the penis, its blood vessels gradually restrict to form a "seal," which assists to preserve the erection. Issues in achieving or keeping an erection are often brought on by insufficient blood flow right into the penis or when blood flows right into the penis however after that seeps out as well rapidly to create the seal.

31 Replies to “Erectile Dysfunction – What Not to Say When Your Man Can’t Get it Up”

  1. It has only happened to me once in a sexual encounter with a past partner, out of all my sexual experiences. I had the knowledge that it *could* happen but when it actually did in practice, I didn’t handle it well at all unfortunately. He went soft during the encounter and because I hadn’t experienced that before – I got in my head about why it happened and what did I do, did he lose interest, sexual attraction, etc and I started to shut down. I wish I had handled it better because it wasn’t either of our faults – but now I am more aware of being a bit more intentionally compassionate in that space for when it may happen in the future.

  2. What a great topic. This happened to me once (I have a penis), but it was not a huge deal part of my psychology studies was human sexuality. It can be a stressful moment for folks. The more education the better, which is why this channel is so awesome.

  3. I’m a Brit that lives in the US. I had to call up tons of friends to confirm my initial reaction to this video, because I actually DISAGREE with this 1000%. We brits are so much more embarrassed about sex and shaming sexuality and dysfunctions, I’m at a loss at where they got their panel, and how they’ve come to this conclusion is beyond me. Americans are a lot more open about sex and accepting of issues regarding sex. Yes, we’d most limy say ‘don’t worry about it’ in a scenario like this buts it’s because we are judging and embarrassed and want to move on from that topic. It’s horrible!

  4. Never came across Hannah Witton before but loved the dynamic between you two!
    Thank you for creating such a comfortable talk around a ‘unformfortable’ topic

  5. This happened frequently with my first boyfriend when I was 19 (he was 10 years older). Thinking back on it, I don’t think I handled it great… I was completely mortified and insecure and thought it was because I wasn’t attractive enough or doing a bad job. In other words, I was mostly thinking of myself.
    I think I’d do a stellar job now, communicating with my partner and making sure he feels comfortable 🙂 you learn and you grow

  6. Had this happen to me. It would have been my first time which I think put him under a lot of pressure. I could tell he was very embarrassed so I told him it was ok and we didnt have to anything. I tried to be as gentle as possible because it was a vulnerable moment for him.

  7. I think it’s best to take the pressure off of them. A simple ‘no worries if it doesn’t happen tonight’ can be ok. I know when the situation has been reversed, I have always felt appreciated and validated by my partner for showing kindness. IMO the more trust you can establish in times of vulnerability the better your connection becomes in the future.

  8. Awesome video! I’ve been trying to found information on the opposite situation – an almost ‘constant’ erection. Is there any explanation or downside to getting an erection almost all the time? When it doesn’t go down even immediately after sex? It has its benefits of course, but I’ve witnessed it to be exhausting as well and I can’t seem to find much information on it 🤔

  9. 2 of my favorite sexual educators having a beautiful, needed conversation 💖💖

  10. I think I had it happen to me once as the partner of someone with a penis and I was mostly confused because it was “the heat of the moment”. I don’t recall it being turned into a big deal because it’s not everything in the end and since then we’ve had good open conversations about sex and sexuality in general, which has been enlightening and helpful in every future sexual encounter.

  11. This was a neat dialogue! More generally, I think this has a lot to do with the kinds of implied or planned scripts we have for intimate times, and dealing with the unexpected disruption of what we might have had in mind. It can be hard to keep an earnest, playful mindset going, to adapt and experiment, when things get tense or weird. All the good ideas here apply more broadly I think, but I’d love some pro tip videos on expectations and scripts more generally, and on dealing with things going off script in intimacy.

  12. With respect. It’s very emotional for the person who is having the problem. Humility is cruel. It’s like being a bully in the bedroom.

  13. Pre covid, this legitimately was never a fear of mine. During covid times, this has happened 4 times and as guy that takes major pride in all facets of sex, having this happen even ONCE is a death blow (once in groupsex, once in a glory hole, once for hotwifing in which I temporarily got hard, and another for public). This has low keyyy been bothering me cuz I’m only in my 20s when this has happened. Mind you, this is happening on random intervals too

  14. When I was younger and it happened I did not respond well. Personally, working on my self esteem and disassociating my sexuality and stability of the relationship from penetrative sex helped a ton more than “know the right things”.

  15. This is super helpful! Its good how to make the moment non-awkward and let him know it’s not a big deal 😌

  16. But what about when it’s every time ? Really? Each time is a stressful moment ? I think it’s something else if it’s all the time

  17. @Ary Ayala I can’t speak on it since I don’t experience frequent ED, but I can empathize with folks and understand that it’s probably stressful even considering a sexual encounter. Also, the comment isn’t “I’m stressed” = penis doesn’t get/stay hard. It’s both stress of situation potentially leading to ED AND dealing with ED being a life stressor. There are many compounding factors as to why ED occurs. Stress is not a sole factor.

  18. Hey Shan can you PLEASE do a video on female sexual pain? This area is rarely talked about and so common, and in some cases can really cripple romantic relationships. So many women don’t even realise that having pain during sex isn’t normal. I’m sure it would help a crazy amount of women to hear about it, given the access to people on your platform. Thank you!

  19. Happened once to me I could get it up but maintaining was difficult then again it couldve been that I was pretty hammered tho who knows

  20. I’m American, when this happened once with an ex he felt really bad about it. He said he had hurt himself in that area in gym so he figured that was the cause, that’s just what he said. I told him it was okay from what I remember we just laid there and talked. On the inside It made me feel like I had did something wrong or he was nervous. I may have asked him if I did something wrong

  21. This happened to my ex lover a few months ago, and sadly I replied, in a condescending manner, asking, “are you serious?”
    I know. I cringed immediately after saying that since I couldn’t filter my thoughts in that moment. What I said was very rude. I still feel bad for giving off weird vibes and saying that to him 💔

    Anyways, thank you for the advice Shan and Hannah 💞

  22. You are probably dry the more dry you are the more it will be. You are supposed to feel something though lol But maybe you need more forplay to get yourself more wet first.

  23. @Courtney you are part of the reason why I want her to make a video, there’s people with actual chronic pain who aren’t just “dry down there”, it persists after using lubricant and can signify more complex health issues.

  24. I’ve had this happen. I hope I handled it well, it’s happened a few times. But the guys I’ve dated have usually been a good bit older than me. Honestly, I usually just say “eh, well your fingers still work” and we just still continue in the sexual encounter and enjoy each other. It’s like we just shift how we get to the “goal” of the situation.

  25. Hi sandy im a brit and you have hit the nail on the head .we seem to think about things more then just jumping in straight away and getting the wrong answer .I honestly think that us british are a bit more reserved we do talk to our mates etc but its a hard subject to discuss and feel you don’t want friends laughing or telling you what you don’t want to hear .we are a different nation when it comes to things like this .good luck and keep your chin up

  26. I’m so glad #DrEbhariagbe . I really
    appreciate you and your work for curing me from
    ED thank you

  27. It takes a high value woman to accept this condition and handle it in a dignified manner with her partner, because not every woman can understand this, I once went through this as a man, this young lady left, but shortly after she decided to walk out of our relationship, I automatically switched back to normal and continue with normal sex life, a woman,s love is tested in a time when a man loses everything temporarily, this video has finally exposed hidden things that normal threatens us man.

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