Best Mattress for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain (FULL REVIEW)

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Best Mattress for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain (Buying Guide) This video covers the Best Beds for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica, and we discuss our six favorite bed in a box mattresses for dealing with back pain. Some of the topics he covers includes how each mattress in a box is made and how soft or firm each bed is. Jeff also touches on the best sleeper type (side, back, stomach) for each mattress and who we thinks will like it most. Overall, each mattress has proven itself as a supportive, helpful option for people who suffer from back pain and lower back pain.

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892 thoughts on “Best Mattress for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain (FULL REVIEW)

  1. Awesome. Have been looking for a video like this for a while now. Dealing with both sciatica and lower disc issues from a work injury a few years back, this has a lot of the info I was looking for all in one place. 👍

  2. Mattress buying is harder than most people realize & you did a great job describing the difference. Thank you!

  3. Regarding purple: I’m ordering mine through Mattress Firm. They have sales through the year (this one being labor day) and I got a king size purple 2 and they give you free sheets and a bed frame for free, plus free delivery, set up, and removal of the old mattress. On top of that purple has allowed Mattress firm to give a 120 night sleep trail versus the 100 purple offers. Just had to add for anyone looking for a deal on purple.

  4. I just love how honest and straight-forward you are about your info and where/how you obtained it. I really respect it a lot. New subscriber for sure!

  5. Thanks for this video – interesting to see the overlaps (and lack thereof) with your other “best-of” videos for 2019, 2018. Wondering what features in particular you are valuing more for the back pain criteria (I am not old but have a bum L4/L5 and a lot of back pain so back pain relief but with reasonable budget is highest priority for me).

  6. Thank you for all the time and research you put into your videos! You and your team have helped me and my husband narrow down our matress options. Forget all the negative commenters. You can’t please everyone. 🤷

  7. Great video! I hurt my back about a year ago deadlifting and I am so thankful to have made such a great recovery-but a little something flares up occasionally. Thanks for the advice!

  8. I tried the Purple 2 (0.2?) today and really liked it. I’m pretty sure my body is BSing me, but I laid on it for 5 minutes and when I stood up my sciatic pain was gone for a few minutes. If a better mattress helps relieve my sciatica I’ll be so happy!

  9. Had sciatic pain for first 6 months of 2019 so this is so important to me. Thank you.

  10. I’m 52 and I suffer from back pain. I work 12hrs. shifts on a concrete floor. I have been looking at the purple mattress. I plan to check it out locally before I commit to buying. I love your video! It was very informative and a great help in my research.

  11. You guys are my go to experts in researching and trying to figure out which bed will best suit my needs. Having recently purchased a bed through a big box chain store, I am severely disappointed that I’m having to choose another option only after four years of having my mattress. Having been injured in a motor vehicle accident after being hit by a drunk driver…I am waiting for hip surgery and been diagnosed with chronic pain. I’m so hesitant on making a wrong choice in a mattress because it’s costly, but I will continue to refer to your video content and advice recommendations. Love that you are giving back to your viewers with a chance to receive a mattress. Anyone would be grateful and appreciative to receive such a gift. Keep up the great work. Much respect to you all.

  12. I have the standard Casper mattress. I also suffer from sciatica and chronic lower back pain due to damage done when I was a child. I love my mattress, but I added the “My Pillow” mattress topper which helped to make it a little more soft, and it is great. I also have to use a CPAP machine and the “My Pillow” pillows are the first pillow I have used that are actually compatible with my mask. My mask does not shift when I sleep on my side like it did with other pillows I have tried.

  13. I just started sleeping on a Purple Hybrid 4″ mattress 3 weeks ago. I concur completely with this review. After sleeping on coils and overheating on memory foam I finally went to Purple after a spinal fusion and its continuing pain. I always had back pain problems sleeping on soft mattresses. What’s weird with Purple is that it is soft but also supportive at the same time. I can sleep on my good side all night long without ever having to turn now. The sales staff at Purple are very helpful when selecting a mattress. I definitely recommend using their chat function before selecting a mattress. Yes, it isn’t cheap but I think the quality and performance justify the cost. You most definitely should make sure your platform will support this type of bed (slats less than 3″ apart check with their chat reps to confirm).

  14. Hope you like it. I just threw mine away. 3 years old and it was just pain, pain painful AF. They want measurements to honor their crap warranty.

  15. For me, the biggest reason to NOT buy a bed on line is the free set-up WITH free haul away of the old bed. All the local mattress stores do this and it is invaluable to me as there’s no easy way to get rid of an old bed where I live.

  16. Enjoyed your video! We have gone through so many different mattresses over the years, to the point where the husband says in exasperation, “Ok! Just order one!!! LOL. I have had sciatica, low back pain for years due to a diving accident & 3 car accidents…so, your reviews are very helpful! Thanks!! ❣️❣️

  17. did you like the purple 2? They said that’s the most firm one they offer? Three might be best for me cause I like medium.

  18. @E A Haha, indeed. Knew what you meant, had to bite on the low-hanging fruit though. 😂


  19. @Missy Asche after 11 months- my purple 3 is causing severe back pain at night. Then I go sleep on my RV’s Dinette converted to a bed- and my back is just fine.
    the purple 3 isnt working out for me, unfortunately- I don’t know how to describe it, but it feels like my lower back is super curved when laying. Meanwhle On the Dinette- my back feels fine. So the springy-ness is not working for me. On the other hand- it sleeps very cool, and that is great. Plus my wife loves the purple 3- she has zero issues, and she falls asleep in 10 minutes or so. She’s 135lbs for reference. Zero motion transfer too.
    So it depends on the person I- maybe a purple 2 would do me right? Totally not sure to be honest. I’m looking at a firmer bed (what ever I choose) since that seems to be what I need to keep my lower back muscles from tightening up at night.
    I feel purple has delivered a great product- just that its not working for me. If I were to leave a review-i’d give it 4 stars cause it’s no fault of their own that my back decides to hurt when other’s don’t have the issue.

  20. It’s very confusing to pick a good mattress, especially the online ones where you cannot go to a store or showroom to try it, nor compare different brands. This was very helpful. I want to listen to the video that goes further in depth too if I can locate that one. I appreciated that he had a chiropractor’s input as well. It would be a wonderful addition to also hear how the customer service REALLY is for each company, tho I know that’s a lot of extra work for these videos. Often the comments below can ruin a decision if they claim the customer service was difficult or disappointing with a particular mattress company whose product looked & sounded so good. Thank you Mattress Reviews!

  21. As a sciatica sufferer, I appreciate your effort to help choose the best mattress. Thank you.

  22. Love your videos, so glad you mentioned the kickback from clicking your links. When we decide, I will absolutely support! I’m leaning between the casper and the purple. We have a tempurpedic lux breeze right now and it’s HOT. My husband’s lower back is actually worse since the mattress.. most nights he opts to sleep on the rug in the floor. :/

  23. I really appreciate the honest reviews and unbiased opinions. Being a disabled veteran with limited income, I’ve struggled greatly with my worsening lower back and sciatica issues in trying to find a bed that helps relieve some pain and that I can afford. Thank you for the valuable insight offered in this video.

  24. I would love to win a new mattress for my husband who has colon cancer so he could rest better.

  25. Where are your videos specifically on the Tempurpedic hybrid mattresses? Thank you.

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