October 2, 2022

6 lbs gone!! 2 days intense fat flush tea! have all arms and belly fat gone!!

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this strong detox fat flush tea aids to melts and also eliminate stubborn resistent stomach fat. have all stubborn belly fat gone with this fat burning drink.early morning and bedtime for incredible benefits

24 thoughts on “6 lbs gone!! 2 days intense fat flush tea! have all arms and belly fat gone!!

  1. Absolutely LOVE Risa and her healthy lifestyle…I have saved about 90% of her videos to implement them all in my lifestyle…please keep them coming ❣️

  2. Hello Risa, i know you aren’t talking about pineapples but I have started making your pineapple teas and I wanted to know how many times can I use the pineapple peels before discarding? Thank you so much for your help. I have been able to finally get my husband on board 👍🏾 Have a great evening!1

  3. I’m new to your channel thank you for sharing this. I’ll getting everything to do drink this daily right along with drinking my water daily everyday and eating salad. Thank you for sharing this video.

  4. Risa u a so beautiful & healthy it’s really the drinks for me so refreshing & clean such a cleansing u a difference it’s a such a joy to feel clean & lighter Happy drinking & sipping keep it coming thanks for Cleanse u not alone thanks for being U ✌️🙏❤️🍷👑

  5. Hello. How many servings does this recipe make? Do you drink early morning before breakfast and how many days can you or should you drink this? And does this do something different than the extreme fat burn recipe from last week? Thanks so much!

  6. Thank you Risa for the healthy tips, love and hug to our little angel, I can hear her voice from the background

  7. I love your channel thank you for all of your tips. I have lost 20 lbs. I have a long way to go but your tips have really helped. Thank you

  8. Wow am definitely going to try this, but pls I have questions to ask, first in place of grape what else can some use, when is it appropriate to take the drink is it before meal or after meal and is it day or night, thanks

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