6 Home Remedies Actually Supported by Science

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In the comments of our episode exposing 6 preferred natural remedy, a great deal of you asked us if there are any that do work. Well, right here's the response!

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Prunes for Constipation

Oatmeal for Dry Skin

Ginger for Morning Illness

Garlic for athlete's foot

Soy for Hot Flashes

Lemongrass Oil for Cold Sores

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748 thoughts on “6 Home Remedies Actually Supported by Science

  1. In the last few years, my stomach has decided to hate me and routinely hits me with bouts of nausea and vomiting. Doctors don’t know why and can’t give a diagnosis. Ginger has been a lifesaver though. During the worst bouts, I survive on ginger tea (just steeped fresh ginger root) and rice pablum.

  2. Medical doctor from Brazil here. One I would add, very effective for skin ulcers, is sugar(the same you use on coffee) applied on the skin under the bandages, even for diabetics (the ammount that is absorbed is neglegible compared to the rise in glicemic levels because of the cortisol released due to the body fighting the bacteria on the ulcer). Great show, approved, I prescribe some of them to my low income patients.

    Edit: it acts like sault, but without the damage sault would make

  3. 1. Prunes for constipation
    2. Oatmeal for dryskin
    3. Ginger for morning sickness
    4. Garlic for athletes foot
    5. Soy for hot flashes
    6. Lemongrass for cold sores

  4. 1. Prunes for constipation
    2. Oatmeal for dry skin
    3. Ginger for morning sickness
    4. Garlic for athlete’s foot
    5. Soy for hot flashes
    6. Lemongrass for cold sores

  5. When my division in Boot Camp first formed up, the environment was such a shock that none of us had a bowel movement for the first _three days._ That _fourth_ day, though, we made up for it.

  6. Clove oil for a toothache. It’s mostly Eugenol, an antiseptic and anaesthetic normally used in dentistry.

  7. This is just a jump list, watch the whole video for additional information on each of these remedies, as there are some caveats. Enjoy!
    0:44 Prunes for constipation
    2:31 Oatmeal for dry/irritated skin
    4:00 Ginger for nausea
    5:20 Garlic for fungal infection
    6:54 Soy for hot flashes
    8:18 Lemongrass oil for cold sores/herpes

  8. Can confirm : “morning sickness” is absolutely not confined to mornings! My worst nausea was during the evening especially if I was tired. And candied ginger or ginger tea were my best solution to reduce it.

  9. 1. Prunes for constipation
    2. Oatmeal for dry skin
    3. Ginger for morning sickness
    4. Garlic for athlete’s foot
    5. Soy for hot flashes
    6. Lemongrass oil for cold sores

  10. My parents used everything mentioned, except the soy, when we were kids. I still use prunes and ginger. Two others work very well. A small amount of dry cocoa (start with 1/16-1/8 teaspoon) will help combat diarrhea (be careful, too much and you’ll be reaching for the prunes). Ask me how I know. 😉 Oregano oil really does kill nail fungus (3x per day until a month after the nail has completely grown out). I tried the oregano oil in desperation when OTC and 2 courses of prescriptions from a podiatrist did not work for me. Some folks are sensitive to the oil, though, so read up and patch test first.

  11. My mom’s an herbalist so I’ve been using these for years. I actually have flu A right now and a combination of garlic and ginger has really been helping.

  12. As someone who experiences random hives I can attest as to how amazing colloidal oatmeal is. That paste is a miracle

  13. I finally couldn’t stand my “all the time sickness” when I was pregnant, so I called a nurseline to see what I could do, not wanting to take medication. She suggested peppermint tea. Ever since then, whenever my stomach’s upset, I just use something with peppermint and it works. Maybe it’s partly psychological, but ever since including peppermint in my diet while pregnant, I’ve loved it. Only had the “sickness” for the first trimester, thank goodness.

  14. In high school, our track and field coach was well-known for his garlic oil he made at home. When I joined the team, he made it clear that we would have bi-weekly foot checks to prevent the spread of athlete’s foot. A friend if mine developed a bit of athlete’s foot and to my surprise, he grabbed a bottle of garlic oil and rubbed it all over her feet (especially her toes), wrapped her feet in gauze, and gave her a fresh pair of socks and these stretchy rubbery shoes. He gave her the rest of the bottle of oil and gave her instrictions about it amd cleared her to take 3 days off practice. I never knew what that was all about… until now.

  15. Prunes are also one of the most antioxidant fruits you can eat. MY GRAM ate prunes everyday and she lived to be 101, well shy a month. She died earlier than she would have due to heart break over her 70 yr old son passing away suddenly.

  16. Reminder to never put undiluted essential oil directly on your skin! Always dilute it in some sort of carrier oil 🙂

  17. Sadly my friend died in November from complications from constipation. He was constipated enough to warrant emergency surgery. However, he got an infection post surgery (very common with intestinal surgeries) and passed away a few days later. I’m still heartbroken over his death.

    So please, if you’re constipated see a dr sooner rather than later. It might save your life to do so.

  18. Coconut oil is great for helping prevent irritation from essential oils in my experience. But also make sure to test a small diluted amount on your arm and wait a while to see if you have a bad reaction BEFORE it ever comes near your face

  19. Wow, the early 2021 freeze in Southeast Texas that had not happened since 1989 somehow made feral fennel plants go insane. Seriously, when I walk on the trail in the flood reserve zone it sometimes smells like rye bread in the hot sun.

    I never heard fennel was medicine, but when I told a couple of South Asian friends there was wild fennel growing nearby
    They seemed really interested.

  20. @Philippe Agis-Garcin Manuka honey seems to work best, and is often used in animal rescues for wild animals that come in with injuries to kill bacteria and speed healing.

  21. @planescaped I had to reread that, I thought you said “Aloe cactus for bums…..”. 🌵😲🤪

  22. So lemongrass works on both sets of heroes? The lip and the genitals? Asking for a friend.

  23. @Nala Owënëgoye I know superman and wonder woman are already taken but there has to be better names for your heroes, The Lip and The Genitals doesn’t have the same ring as Batman and Robin………….nor does The Lip, The Arsehole and The Genitals but at least they would have their own ring (piece).

  24. If you drink welch’s grape juice everyday you’ll as well be healthy as an ox 🐂 only welch’s grape juice. Prune juice if you don’t have a bowl movement. Great good dark quality coffee ☕ Great help keeping people regular as well loaded with antioxidants essential for body and blood count balance and is joyful way to keep your body weight to height ratio. I’m a twenty four seven java advocate. You will have to use baking soda in your toothpaste regeme lol or Lemon rind shreads blended into a paste with the baking soda and your quality whitening toothpaste

  25. @Laura My problem too and any medication with the side effect of indigestion will cause debilitating nausea. Then I have to treat it with meds for gastritis.

  26. @Massimo O’Kissed  I actually did similar to poo transplant for my great Dane. She’s always had stomach issues. I finally decided to try that.

    I have another dog who has never gotten sick or had any stomach issues. They both get exactly the same thing.

    I must say I did all the pills , yogurt, and whatever the vet recommended. Never worked. BUT a little sample from the other dog has helped A LOT!! lasts a few months, then I just repeat from donor dog.

    I am not a vet!

  27. I’m so glad helps! Have your doctors checked for gastroperesis? It’s a very serious “rare” (not actually that rare, just what doctors say) that doctors misdiagnose all the time. Not trying to be that person giving unsolicited medical advice online, just something to look into. Good luck

  28. I’m surprised it didn’t give you heartburn since that’s what peppermint does to most people.

  29. @Claire Sinclaire I’m not aware that “most people” get heartburn from peppermint. First I’ve heard of it.

  30. @Zachary Rodriguez except it isn’t private. It’s a weird amalgamation of private and government.

  31. Wait is that why people smoke clove cigarettes? Maybe there’s a numbing/sedative effect?

  32. @Christophe Reynders yeah there’s an anaesthetic in cigarettes. It’s to make sure the one smoking them doesn’t cough up a lung until later. Source – Ex-Smoker

  33. My wife kept losing weight when she was pregnant. The Dr told us both are starving yourself? You’re suppose to be gaining weight nit losing weight. He said what do you eat she says apples and pears he said and? Apples and pears, that’s it Apples and pears. He said well at least you’re getting your fruits. He didn’t seem to shocked about the weight loss after that.

  34. My mom always used to make us peppermint tea when we had stomach aches! I wonder if it has some of the same properties as ginger?

  35. A book that won the Booker Prize, “Sacred Hunger,” opens with a vivid scene of sea sickness as symbolic of how desperately people can suffer. Ginger didn’t help him at all. But then, the only time I felt physically and emotionally perfect was when I was pregnant.

  36. @Helena McGinty, My cousin in Blackpool, England, always says, “Either you’re a breeder or you’re not.”

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