4 Favorite Exercises for Hip and Lower Back Pain

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People often try to stretch or strengthen their back to relieve back pain or tightness. There are many helpful exercises out there and it can be hard to decide which ones to try. This video is here to help guide you through all the information out there by picking our four favorite exercises for pinched nerve and lower back pain. There are many different causes of pinched nerves and lower back pain. Each exercise is helpful for some of the causes of low back pain and pinched nerves, but not necessarily helpful for the other causes. This video briefly and simply discusses that, in addition to teaching the exercises.

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0:00 – Intro To Exercises For Lower Back & Hip Pain
0:28 – Hip Rotation Stretch For Lower Back And Hip Pain
2:48 – Windshield Wiper Stretch For Lower Back And Hip Pain
4:00 – Cat Cow Stretch For Lower Back And Hip Pain
6:18 – Cook Hip Lift Exercise For Lower Back And Hip Pain
9:00 – Contact Us

49 thoughts on “4 Favorite Exercises for Hip and Lower Back Pain

  1. I’m so glad I discovered this. I’m a visiting Hospice nurse = lots of driving, and then either leaning over or sitting still for lengths of time. And ever since I’ve moved from Corona to Joshua Tree area, I’m driving close to 250 to 300 miles in a single day … increasing lower back and hip pain, not to mention neck soreness. These exercises are so relaxing and effective – I especially like the 4th one. I feel so balanced and upright afterwards. I will do these every day and look forward to more of your videos – Thank you!!

  2. It was ver helpful. . Very nicely diagonised. With one go the pain came down. Thank u so much Sir.

  3. I had so much pain on my lower back, these exercises helped massively! Thank you so much Sebastian 🙌

  4. Thank you for this video, I wish you are closer. Would you recommend to do the hip extension with both legs on the heel ( without the ball)? is one leg at the time better than if you do it with both legs?

  5. We can help virtually. That would be simple as watching this video. You should just contact us. We are offering free 10 min Zoom calls with our interns for this month. Take advantage, they can help you sort of a plan of attack. https://www.p2sportscare.com/contact-form-youtube/ Just reference this conversation.

  6. Thank you so much n it really help my lower back pain much better now.. i had it for the past 15yrs n now doing the exercise too good.

  7. Glad you like the video. If you want some help with it, just message us privately (if you are over 18 years old). While in Youtube, we do not have message alerts that tell us when people like you reply back. It may take weeks to months for us to reply through Youtube. Just message us here. https://www.p2sportscare.com/contact-form-youtube/

  8. Thankyou for making this video, after i did the exercise i instantly feel a lot better! ♥️

  9. @Performance Place Sports Care & Chiropractic do you have any recommendations video for me, i have a problem pain on my back and front hips because of my habit, i always stay in squat position for a long time when i play a game or anything, then the pain starts to spread to the back

  10. If you want some help with it, just message us privately (if you are over 18 years old). While in Youtube, we do not have message alerts that tell us when people like you reply back. It may take weeks to months for us to reply through Youtube. Just message us here. https://www.p2sportscare.com/contact-form-youtube/

  11. I am finally getting up , but, my back is still ….

    Update , not finished,but on my knees resting on elbows..
    this is the best explanation of the cat Angy” horse excercise, still have troublesome pain, but, now I believe your talk helped me ,alot with this

  12. Lol chicken wing your leg off 😂😂😂 seriously though, this was such a helpful video! I have a fracture in my lower spine and some slipped disc that press against my sciatica and this really helped. So I had difficulty at first, but I kept doing them every day and and actually got noticeable results. Less pain and tightness and eventually I was able to do more exercises! The ball exercise was brilliant and you took time to explain everything and how you to make sure your doing the exercises correctly. Thank you so very much !❤️

  13. Hey Raven glad you liked the video but if you have a fracture you should see medical attention to see exactly what you should be doing

  14. I am 71 and so so lazy about exercising. These 4 simple exercises are the best way to start off my day. Thanks so much.

  15. For the first week or two I actually did them while in bed to ‘condition’ my body to the poses. It worked well; I’m now comfortable on the floor.
    I can’t overstate how simple these 4 exercises are to perform.

  16. Yep. Simple things provide a lot of benefit sometimes!

  17. @Performance Place Sports Care & Chiropractic no need to share your video is top on the list. Share might help but some but those that are really suffering will get here anyways. I have picked up two of those exercises, I guess they worked in my case and can be done on my bed itself (bed itself is that reason for the pains) I don’t remember what was the last game I played other than all the games on my PlayStation. Along with these exercises I am throwing away the games now because as I grow older it may increase. Thanks mate I will play football again just need some serious players 🙁

  18. Hey everyone! It’s Sebastian. Glad to see you are all seeking your recovery. After reading comments for the last 10+ years, I decided to release 3 lower back online resources that will answer many of your questions about treatments, stretches, exercise, surgery and more.
    Part 1 ebook covers an effective framework for low back pain recovery. https://bit.ly/3G9oEXL —> Part 2 ebook covers diagnoses you have heard about and ones you haven’t, (as well as why you should not be afraid of them). https://bit.ly/3q6AnRi—> Part 3 ebook is about selecting a treatment that is appropriate for your diagnosis. https://bit.ly/3zClQQJ … you’ll also learn why what you are doing is probably not working.

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  19. Glad you like them! Sub and search for a bunch more we have for lower back on our channel

  20. Shattered hip shattered pelvis 42 months ago doc say I am a miracle still struggle but your stretches really help. Fully functional still can’t run a mile pain free though. Your showing all the areas were my difficulties are thanks so much

  21. Sorry to hear. im sure that was a long recovery. Glad you like the videos. Sub for more to come

  22. Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much!! I love your stretches especially the last one!! 😭🙌🏻🙏💜

  23. Omg this just released the lower back/hip pain I’ve been having for months!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this video!!

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